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Estate Administration

When the owner of an estate passes on, there are many issues that his or her family must deal with from funeral planning to the personal belongings of that person. Furthermore, they must go through all of these decisions while bearing the grief and pain of losing their loved one. One important aspect of such a loss is the future of the person's property and estate. It is understandable that many people do not give the subject much thought, given their struggle. However, in order for the estate to be distributed to the right people, it must go through a lengthy process depending on the plans made by its owner before his or her death.

Unless the individual had established some sort of trust prior to passing, their estate must go through probate administration before its assets can be distributed. Estate administration, which is more commonly known as probate, will first involve collecting the entirety of the estate so that the total value can be determined. Next, any outstanding debts and taxes will be the priority for the court. After all the creditors have been paid in the full amount owed, any remaining assets will then be distributed among the beneficiaries who qualify.

If the individual who owned the estate had established a will which was found, the remainder of the estate will be dispersed according to his or her wishes as stated in the will. This includes who benefits from the estate, what part of the estate they get and when they will be given it. If there is no will, the estate will be distributed according to the guidelines contained in Florida's probate law.

Pembroke Pines Estate Planning Lawyer

An important fact to remember on the subject of estate administration is that, unless you establish a will or plan for your estate, the state will determine who is entitled to receive your estate after your death. In order to make sure that your wishes on the subject are respected and that your loved ones are provided for, begin establishing a plan for your estate today. Contact a Pembroke Pines estate planning lawyer to begin that process today.

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