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Probate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Probate

Many clients come to me with the desire to build a simple and effective wealth distribution and protection plan. In my 32 years of practicing law, I have helped clients with every aspect of estate planning. I understand that every client is unique and the estate plan that is ideal must be individually created. I closely examine their situation and provide them with a specialized plan to exactly fit their needs. I answer many questions involving probate. In order to clarify some specific issue involving probate the following FAQ has been provided on Probate Law:

What is probate?
Probate is the legal process that commences after a person passes away. The purpose is to prove that the deceased individual's will is valid, have the property appraised, inventory the property, pay off debts and taxes owed, and finally distribute the remaining property as the will dictates. All fees relating to the probate process are taken from the estate property.

Can I take steps to avoid probate?
Many desire to avoid the probate process due to the fact that it can be time consuming, costly and leave the family without funds, particularly when there is a large tax bill, which must be paid out of the estate. If it is important to you that your wealth is properly distributed and that your heirs are not left struggling to sort out problems with taxation and the inability to gain access to the assets you intended them to receive upon your death, it is in your best interests to take measures to avoid probate.

How can I take steps to avoid the probate process?
There are a number of strategies to employ that will allow your estate to pass to your heirs without probate, based upon the actual value of your estate. Ensuring that property passes directly to heirs is important to many individuals, and they opt to avoid probate through living trusts, payable on death accounts, and lifetime gifts. If you speak with a skilled Pembroke Pines probate attorney, the options that best suit your situation can be identified, and your estate arranged for the most benefit to those you love.

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