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  • How Do I Protect My Assets?
    How Do I Protect My Assets?

    Do not wait until it is too late! The key to asset protection is taking care of it early and not waiting until the creditors are on your case. Protecting your assets requires several measures to be ...

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  • Planning for the Future of your Disabled Child
    Planning for the Future of your Disabled Child

    As a parent with a disabled child, you have probably acted as the primary caretaker for your loved one for years. Now, as you plan for the inevitable day that you will pass away, you need to determine ...

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  • Domestic Violence & Child Custody
    Domestic Violence & Child Custody

    If you are currently married to a spouse who is abusive, your safety and the wellbeing of your children need to be your primary concern. In the event that you feel as though your life or your ...

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  • Welcome to My Blog!
    Welcome to My Blog!

    If you are preparing for an estate planning matter, or if you are a beneficiary who is facing difficulties with the probate process, such as a will contest, then you need skilled legal assistance on ...

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