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Domestic Violence & Child Custody

If you are currently married to a spouse who is abusive, your safety and the wellbeing of your children need to be your primary concern. In the event that you feel as though your life or your children's is at risk, contact your local authorities immediately. Along with that, you may want to consider the possibility of filing for a divorce in order to protect your family. One important factor you may want to do is try to keep a record of the event that occurs. Whether they are physical, emotional or sexual abuse; having documentation of these occurrences will help your case—especially when fighting for custody.

First and foremost, your concern should be the safety of you and the kids, if you feel leaving your spouse is going to be dangerous you may want to devise a plan of action in order to accomplish your goals. Next, because the custody of your children is vital when dealing with domestic violence cases, you will want to fight for legal custody immediately. With the help of a divorce and family attorney in your area you can seek to file for an immediate order of protection from your spouse in order to not have to wait for the divorce proceedings to be accomplished. Remember, if you are planning on leaving and protecting your children; without the order of protection from he court your spouse could accuse you of kidnapping the children.

Whenever the time is best for you, divorce may be the next option for you to consider. When proving that your spouse is incapable of caring for your child, you will be fighting to have them stay with you permanently. The court will decide based on the facts at hand and then determine what is best for the children. There are many factors involved in your average child custody case, so in the event that you are currently a victim of domestic violence; having the help of a Pembroke Pines family attorney is even more essential. Contact the Law Office of Steven Friedman today for the help that you deserve!